Big Bite’s Story

Troy Foss of Greenbush, Minnesota started the line of Big Bite products late in the fall of 2010. Troy grew up fishing on Lake of the Woods where he had both positive and negative experiences throughout the years. From his gained knowledge, he decided to develop fish houses that would provide the best fishing experience possible. Big Bite strives to be different than the competition. The floor hole layout in a Big Bite ice fish house makes them a true fish house, not a house with holes impossible fish from. From the main steel fame, all the way up to roof, Big Bite is the most structured house on the market. We cut no corners when it comes to making a solid house that will last for years to come.
Big Bite - High Quality Ice Fish Houses - Our Story

Where We Came From:

Big Bite started out as a true custom manufacturer, and will continue to offer options to please the customer’s preferences. You speak and we listen. Foss Developing, LLC’s line of Big Bite houses are built using consumers’ thoughts and ideas along with Troy’s experience. The combination of elements, and the quality our houses are what draw people to our products. After they take one look at Big Bite they see what is possible. Our houses are the high quality, well-built dream they have been looking for. There is so much more to our houses than fishing. All our models make a great campers and offer year-round fun.